Claus Franz Overbeck: “Salsafy your life”

“Salsafy Your Life”, Dancing Solutions to Energize Your Life, An A-Z Guide, is a cute little book, published 2018. Almost a “Salsa for Dummies for Children and Grown Ups”. Most pages have a headline with a picture of dancers often featuring the author, a short paragraph or two, a yellow post-it note, and a bulleted list with highlights. Almost a PowerPoint slide show.

A double page looks like this:

I like these far out categories of women and men. I am apparently “the boring type”!

I can only recommend the book, it is worth the price of a couple of USA Dollars. It is always nice to support another salsa dancer trying to convince people that dancing is the best of all worlds. I don’t want to say anything bad about it. I only have a few minor issues not worth mentioning. OK, let me mention one just for fun.

The author brands himself “The Danish Salsa King”. Claus Franz Overbeck might be called that in Aarhus, the second biggest city of Denmark, and among his friends world wide, but in Copenhagen, the capital of the country, we haven’t even heard of him. It doesn’t matter, we are a very small country, and Danes are famous for their irony.

The following graph from the book is interesting:

For a salsaholic like me it is wonderful to read about how this author feels exactly the same to the extend of making up the slogan: “Salsafy your life”. There is no need to talk more about the book, the screen shots speak for themselves.

A warning about formats

At the moments of this writing, the paper version of “Salsafy You Life” can be bought on Amazon USA only, not the eBook versions. I bought the eBook and tried to download it from the publisher’s website No success except for a pdf, I couldn’t find out how to save, and I got my money back.

Instead I bought a basic ePub version from inside Apple’s iBooks App. Nice price around USD $3. But it is a very primitive ePub format not optimized for even a big smartphone. You cannot scale except for zooming with you fingers. But the format is acceptable in iBooks on an iPad.

So watch out when you buy, you really should support this guy. My info could already be dated with many more editions and formats out there.

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