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Lindy Beige: Fight or Dance?

Lindy Beige has made a very long rant: “Fighting is like dancing (so men don’t like to dance)”. 45 minutes! I find it not only entertaining but very, very interesting and inspiring. I recommend it to the whole dance community. Lindy Beige is a British YouTuber with close to a million followers. Lindy mixes the most hilarious fun and seriousness

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Copenhagen Dance Venue: Fælledparken

“Dansepladsen” (litteraly “the place to dance”) is located in a corner of the biggest park of Copenhagen, “Fælledparken”. If the sun is shining, “Dansepladsen”, simply called “Fælledparken” among the local dancers, is the most popular dance venue in Copenhagen. It is free and it is World Class. 1. Summer Dance in Fælledparken During the summer, from end of June to

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