Copenhagen Dance Venue: F├Žlledparken

“Dansepladsen” (litteraly “the place to dance”) is located in a corner of the biggest park of Copenhagen, “F├Žlledparken”. If the sun is shining, “Dansepladsen”, simply called ÔÇťF├ŽlledparkenÔÇŁ among the local dancers, is the most popular dance venue in Copenhagen. It is free and it is World Class.

1. Summer Dance in F├Žlledparken

During the summer, from end of June to end of July, the City Hall sponsers what is called “Summer dance”. Every day, Monday-Thursday, a new dance is presented with an hour of intro. It starts at 1900 and after 2000 the social dance takes over until 2200.

About Summer Dance 2018.
Program for Summer Dance 2018

The dance styles are Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Afro Beat, Kizomba, Swing, Bollywood, just to name a few. It is not exactly the same handful of dances each year.

Because of its popularity, Cuban Salsa is on three times in this period, and as always in Denmark, other Salsa styles are more than welcome for the social.

2. Salsa and Bachata

In addition to the summer dance salsa events, there is likely Salsa/Bachata (5/2) every Saturday (2018) during the summer. Last year it was every Sunday.

In early and late summer, June and August, other Salsa events are likely to take place in ÔÇťF├ŽlledparkenÔÇŁ. The best way to find out the dates is by using the website High Fidelity Salsa, famous for its Salsa Calendar.

3. The Dance floor

Excellent hard wood, but as always for out door dance events, “common sense” shoes are recommended. I discovered this summer that my good old warn out sandals are perfect for dancing.

Good wooden floor

4. Facilities

There are no shops or restaurants near by, we really are in an isolated spot of a big open park, but small vendors are likely to show up, as can be seen in the picture:

Good car parking right at the entrance to the place but you need a ticket. Most of the local dancers arrive on push bikes.

There is a toilet building (see picture above), and also (as is the norm in Denmark) there is excellent fresh tap water.


Your bag can be stoved away underneath the benches lining the dance scene. The spot is very secure, only dancers are likely to show up in this remote corner of the park.

There are many more benches and green grass close by, making the place ideal for picnic and party.

5. How to find F├Žlledparken

The park named “F├Žlledparken” is huge, 4 km from the City Hall Square. “Dansepladsen” is located at the red circle in the map below. The local dancers simply refer to the dance place as “F├Žlledparken”. The “F├Žlled” simply means “grass land”. It was ÔÇťcommon landÔÇŁ in the good old days.

Google Map:

Dansepladsen i F├Žlledparken

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