Los Van Van: “Arrasando”


The “Arrasando” (Devastating) album from 2009 is one of the very best albums by Los Van Van and one of the very best timba albums ever. Here is the story. In 2016 “Arrasando” disappeaerd from Spotify and other music services due to some copyright issue.

For several years now, no one has heard this fantastic album unless they have the CD. And all the great tracks of this album have not been played, when we go social dancing with one exception.

Arrasando on YouTube

Enthusiasts have uploaded all of the Arrasando album to YouTube, where the songs can be found here and there. Sometimes they are deleted again by the Copyright owners! Get your act together studpid! Some of the links below might not work!

The three official videos are surprisingly enough among the best of the songs, the two “concerts” are also among the best, and I really like to dance to “Dame la Luz” (Give me the light) and “Mi Songa”.

For several years only “Si No Te Quieres Tu” has been available on Spotify. It is a jewel of a song, and it is played almost every time I go social dancing.

The rest of these “the very best of Timba” are for obvious reasons not on the play lists of most DJs, unless they mix in their own CDs.

What a scandal!

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