Practica and YouTube Videos

22Cuban Salsa: Three Step Pirouette Turn
21Cuban Salsa: Paseo de Olas – Wave Walk
20Cuban Salsa: Nudo Más – El Nudo
19Enchufla Continuado
18Coca-Cola con Exhibela
17Rodeo Poco (basic figure)
16La Paloma (Pigeon Walk)
15Paséala Continuado
14Coca-Cola Doble con Vacilala Doble
13Cásate y Enchufla Continuado
12Coca-Cola al Revés
11Exhibela Largo
9Rodeo Continuado
8Al Cuello de Setenta
7Rodeo Inverso Continuado
6Abanico con Gancho
5Balsero Continuado
4Coca-Cola por Detrás
3Cásate, Saloneo, Rodeo Inverso Continuado (YouTube)
2Lazo (social move)
1Practica is Number One

I often make videos of my Practica Training Sessions with my training partners in order to find errors to correct and issues to solve. Some of the good video clips of moves and basic figures I use in my blog tutorials or I upload them to YouTube.

One thing I like about my YouTube videos is, that they are just excerpts from relaxed Practica Training Sessions. We are not performing for an audience but have full focus on training with ourselves.

It is somehow interesting to see moves and figures not as part of an artificial instructional setup but as part of a good flow of a realistic “social” dance.